My Family

My Family

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tropical Storm Beryl

Last weekend our area had tropical storm Beryl came through our area.  However, this wasn't going to stop our plans.  Every year the Sunday before Memorial Day we spend the day at Jason's mom's house swimming and eating.  This year the tropical storm was forecasted to come right off the coast and hit us on Sunday.

Well, through the bands of showers we were still able to enjoy the pool and sun until about 4:30.

Kamryn reading to the boys.

Being at the beach, we thought we wouldn't lose power, but a transformer blew right outside the house so we lost power for about 2 hours.  Thankfully in the city they don't lose water.  We were in the middle of playing Quelf but as you can see below that didn't stop us from playing by candlelight.

We thought we would be going home late that night, but around midnight when the wind subsided (we were in the center of the storm), we called my parents and they said there was no power so here is where we camped for the night.  8 adults and 5 kids - the bump you see on the mattress on the left is Trevor already passed out.  3 kids and 4 adults slept in this area.  It was definitely a memory that we will always have.

We left shortly after we woke up the next morning and headed home - even though we didn't have power.  Here is what we came home to with our garden.  Quite sad that our corn might be done before we even were able to enjoy any.

It continued to rain for another day, so we were pretty soaked but our grass really needed it.  What a way to start out the tropical storm season.

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