My Family

My Family

Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday

What a great husband I have to be willing to spend his birthday AND Father's Day on my family reunion.

So selfless, which is why I wanted him to take his golf clubs and try to play a round of golf.  Unfortunately, he and Jeremy couldn't find a tee time that worked so what better way to spend your birthday then a second day to Dollywood.  We arrived at the park around 10 and our goal was to ride things we haven't yet and make sure we saw as much of the park as we could.

Our first stop were the little race cars.  Here's my driver

The boys wanted a picture of this car because they said it looked like Finn Mcmissle from Cars 2

My 2 hot rods.  Their Uncle Randy would be so proud.

Jason and the boys planned to get wet on this trip to Dollywood so they dressed accordingly.  Hard to believe that Trevor was big enough to ride this.

The boys loved it.  All smiles.

 While the big "kids" rode bigger rides, Trevor and I went to the merry go round.  It is going to be a sad day when Trevor doesn't want to ride it anymore.

 Here's the big boy ride that Jason and Brody rode.  Jason wasn't too keen on riding since he doesn't like heights but he said it wasn't too bad and it felt really good up there with the breeze.

You can barely see Trevor in the Scrambler.  They all loved it.

Look at my brave child with his hands up.

The Dollywood Express - a real coal run train just like in the old days

Here's what Trevor thought of the train.

After a 20 min nap on the train he was ready to play while Brody and Jason rode the log flume.  Hard to believe that Trevor couldn't ride it.

So here is the River Battle ride that the boys loved so much.  Brody really wanted his daddy to ride it this time so off they went.  I did my share of squirting water at them from the side as did they to me.

As you can see soaking wet.

We left the park around 3:30.  Dolly was actually in a parade that day at 3, but I didn't feel like fighting all the people to see her.  Jeremy and the girls got to see her as they were walking out - of course they were pretty excited.

When we arrived back to the condos our families had gotten together to have hot dogs.  This gave us all a time to get together and get an update on how everyone is doing.  Here's my Grandmother's side of the family.

Here's all of our family represented at this year's reunion.  There were 6 of the 11 siblings represented.

The kids had their own fun rolling down the mountain since we don't know what that is here in the flat area.

After much begging, the kids were so excited to get back in the pool.

Here's how Trevor has his fun - sitting on Jeff's head and jumping to Jason.

Cute Chaly who learned to swim by herself since her mom took too long to bring down her swimmies. She thought she was a big girl.

 Since it was our last night, we decided to go ride go carts one more time.  We went to the big Nascar track.  I thought Jason would have a lot of fun (and I would too) since it was his birthday and all.  The one drawback with this place is that everyone who comes in (even spectators) have to pay admission of $18, but this let you have unlimited riding.  It may have been better if it wasn't so crowded and we didn't have to wait 20-30 min to ride a go cart.  Oh well, live and learn.

Here's the first go cart Brody has driven by himself.  He thought he was big time.

There were about 15 of us at this go cart track, so talk about fun when all of us got on one of the tracks together - total chaos!!  We had a few whistles blown and shaking the finger at us and a few blow outs but it was great fun.  In order for us all to ride, I had to ride in a double car even though I was by myself (Jason and Brody were riding together).  Well, the worker gave me the fast double car but then when he found out Brody wasn't riding with me he said Jason and Brody had to have that one.  I said that's fine the birthday boy can have it.  Well, the worker thought I was talking about Brody, so when we were all finished riding he called us all to the side - I thought we were in trouble.  However, he called Brody to the front of everyone including the 40 people in line and told everyone it was his birthday and we all sang.  I hung my head and thought oh no Brody is going to freak out because he HATES all the attention from people he doesn't know.  Sure enough about half way through the song he had this look of fright so Jason rushed out to grab him and the worker knew then that something was wrong.  A couple of scratches later on Jason's face (we are working on how Brody handles these situations) and riding the kiddie rides for the rest of the night all was ok.

We left the race track at 12:00 and the boys passed out in the car, but of course they HAD to have a bath that night but were quickly asleep after that.

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