My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer is off with a bang

The boys are so excited to start working through our Summer Fun list so of course it's difficult to not do anything on days.  Our first activity marked off our list (besides Star Wars Weekend) was to make gummies.  I purchased this make your own gummy pack for one of Brody's birthday's but I forgot about it, so I just put it away for a different time - which was last week.

They were pretty excited to be able to make the gummies because they have seen the box sitting around.  

The gummies were pretty easy to make

 Shaking the bottles of warm water and mix

All finished and ready to put in the fridge to harden

Time to eat

I guess they enjoyed them, they didn't offer me any and they were gone before I knew it.

That evening we decided to have family movie night.  Brody has been wanting to watch his new movie he received for Easter.  Since it's summer time the boys don't have to be in bed at 9:00 so the bedtime is a little more negotiable.  When it got time to watch the movie, Brody asked where Cale was since it was family movie night.  He was VERY disappointed that all of our family wasn't coming over to watch the movie.

Sitting and eating popcorn while watching the movie.  Trevor didn't watch much of the movie and by the end of it he was playing with one of our phones just so he would be quiet.  This child just cannot sit still - I'm sure he is going to get into so much trouble when he gets in school.

The movie was pretty good and kept Brody entertained.  They were so excited the next day to mark a couple of things off our summer list.

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