My Family

My Family

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Game night starts back

Jason and I enjoy playing games - mostly Jason so we have tried to have a monthly game night with some of our friends.  Well, we have been pretty slack on it but last Friday we started it back up again.  The kids have a blast playing with each other and with 4 kids they got along great.

We played a new game Quelf, which Jason and I had played at his mom's the weekend before and it was quite fun.  It's one of those games where you just do what it says and worry about what it made you look like later.  We laughed so hard at all of the crazy things that we had to do - from me being Tara's cheerleader every time it was her turn, Adam being a drill sergeant towards Stephanie, Marshall creating a new Halloween mask and Jason having to act like a gnome (who knows how they act and talk).  Needless to say we laughed so hard that we actually didn't even finish the game - but Tara was in the lead most of the time.

 Stephanie and Jason playing Paddy Cake

Marshall showing off his Yoga moves

Marshall wearing his homemade Halloween mask

Allye doesn't no what to think of his new mask

Stephanie giving us a sales pitch on "trying something new"

 Adam showing off his piano moves

Game night was so much fun and we are looking forward to having it again soon.  We all need good laughs every now and then.

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  1. Looks like fun- Hated to miss the new game... looks like my knid of fun... maybe next month the Cruce's will be back on track.