My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go Cart Fever

So after dinner we headed to find a place to ride go carts.  Now if you have never been to Pigeon Forge you know there a just a few go cart places to choose from - talk about sensory overload on the main road.  Once we found a place that looked like it had enough stuff to entertain everyone we were ready to drive.  Trevor kept saying everytime we passed a place, "look at those rides".  He was so excited.

I LOVE to drive go carts and Jason might even say that I'm a little ruthless on the track - I don't give up and don't even know what the brake is :)  Well, with these carts we drove double on most of them, so Brody and Trevor could come along.  This was Trevor's first time riding go carts and he loved them!!

My mom's brother and his daughter's family also came to the reunion, which is really sad that they live 15 minutes from us and we don't see them that often.  They met us at the go cart track and we had a blast!!

Trevor and Chaly - too cute

All hooked in and ready to go

Even Papa got involved

The long bearded guy behind me is my crazy uncle.  He actually spun me out at this point.  I love Trevor's face in this picture.

Brody then took a turn to ride with Papa.

All safe after a crazy drive.

On our way to play putt putt, Papa found a couple of ducks to feed.

Putt putt with 4 small kids is quite an experience.  This was Brody & Trevor's first time and oh the "fun" of trying to corral Trevor and make sure he didn't swing the club at other things besides the ball.

Sweet cousins. 

So if doing all of that wasn't enough - it was now probably around 11:15, Brody wanted to ride the bumper boats.  Well, I sure wasn't going to ride and get wet so off he went by himself and he had a blast.  No tears and no mercy!!

Brody shooting Chaly and Jeremy and showing no mercy.  Brody kept squirting Jeremy and finally Jeremy shot back and Brody yelled "hey we're on the same team".  I guess it didn't work both ways :)

We closed up the park at midnight and I think the boys had a blast and of course they fell asleep in the car.  That was a very long fun day, but 2 more days of Tennessee fun to come!!

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