My Family

My Family

Monday, June 18, 2012

Early birthday surprise

Jason's birthday was this past Saturday but since we were going to be out of town I wanted to surprise Jason with a little something before.  Last Friday we decided to decorate the house for a little surprise birthday party.

The boys were so excited to help decorate the house and "surprise" their daddy.

So with the surprise party came a surprise dinner.  Jason LOVES chicken n dumplings BUT I don't like them at all and I've never made them.  I thought ok I will try to make them for him, so after much internet searching for the perfect recipe I was off and running.  It really didn't look that difficult.

The dough - yes from scratch.  People told me I could just buy the dumplings in the freezer section but the recipe I found sounded very easy so I went for the from scratch method.

Squares ready for the dumplings.

 The final product.  Jason said the taste was really good, but the texture was a little doughy.  I think the dumplings need to be thinner the next time I make them - if I make them again.

 Jason's dinner napkin :)

We then ate some banana pudding for dessert since Jason isn't a big dessert eater, but he does enjoy some pudding.

After dinner and dessert we had family game night starting with playing Wii resort with some dueling, golf, and archery.  Brody beat me in dueling - this boy is good at that game.  I beat him in archery and then Jason played me, but check out the score

Then off to play some Zingo.  My boys love this game and Trevor can even play and is pretty good.

Crazy boys to end our wonderful family night.

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