My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A busy Monday

Last Monday, we had a busy day on our agenda - this is how I like to roll.  Our first stop was the recycling place.  We are a HUGE Dr. Pepper family - well Jason and I not the kids.  They've never even tasted it, which I hope to keep that way for awhile.  Anyway, last year we started saving our cans because everyone knows a soda is much better out of a can than a fizzless 2 liter bottle.  We then take the cans to the recycle center to cash in for money.  And who gets the money?  Brody!!!

Here we are with the huge bags of smashed cans.

Waiting on the cashier to give us the money.

This place is pretty sketchy, so thankfully I didn't have to stay there too long although we almost got run over by a semi who decided to come flying into the parking lot.  I know I gave him a not so nice look since he came up to me later and said I didn't need to be scared.  Of course I came back with "yes I did, since you came flying into the place when there are people walking around".

All smiles with his $11 he received from the 2 bags of cans.  He did give $1 of it to Trevor.

I did stop by Winn Dixie with BOTH boys.  Thankfully they did pretty good.  I had to keep telling them if they weren't good then no library.  We were off to our first library visit for the summer.

Having their books checked out.

 When we got home we enjoyed our homemade strawberry/blueberry popsicles.  I love making homemade popsicles because they really are so easy to make.  Unfortunately Brody and I were the only ones who enjoyed them.  Trevor (and usually Brody) would rather have the pure sugar cheap ones from the grocery store.

A very busy Monday meant 2 tired little boys for the afternoon.  They were very excited to mark 3 things off of their Summer Fun list.

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