My Family

My Family

Monday, June 4, 2012

The start of a long and eventful weekend

When we arrived home last Friday from Hollywood Studios, Daniel, Jessica and Caleb were at our house to stay the night so Brody and was so excited to spend some time with Caleb.  Of course Brody had to show off his new light saber.  This thing is so huge and I'm not sure our house is safe with this thing.

Brody had a tball game on Saturday, so Caleb was able to come out and see him play.  If Caleb had his shoes, he probably could have played as well because we were short a few players.   One of the drawbacks of being the dugout mom is that I have to have someone watching Trevor.  My mom usually does a great job at this, but today Trevor wanted to stay with Aunt Jess right beside the dugout - IN THE DIRT.  I joked with Jessica and said this is the dirtiest he has ever been - her response was "he was good wasn't he?" True!!

After the game, Jessica and I took the boys over to enjoy the pool while Daniel, Jason and Tara went through the shed of all their dad's stuff to sort and throw away.  Jessica and I had a great time at the pool - we definitely got the better end of the deal.

Later that evening Jason did a little grilling something new - chicken drumsticks.  They turned out great.  Jason and Brody really enjoyed them - I'm not a drumstick kind of girl.  Trevor and I ate lots of cucumbers from our garden.

Dad brought over a watermelon and we played a little baseball.  Fun times on a great Saturday evening with some wonderful weather.

While Brody plays baseball, Trevor does his own thing.

What else would 2 boys do with a couple of light sabers?

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