My Family

My Family

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Saturday with Trevor

A couple of Saturday's ago, Jason and I split kid duty.  He took Brody to play in our church golf tournament.  You should have seen Brody's face when Jason asked him if he wanted to play his tball game or go play golf with daddy?  That was a no brainer for Brody.  He was so excited the entire week.  Jason's team was our youth pastor, Bro. Todd, his son Austin and his son in law Ryan.  Brody knows all of them so he had a great time.  Of course there are no pictures because dad's don't always remember those kind of things.

So Trevor took off with me to run a few errands.  He has always been so great to run errands with.  Our first stop was my old university - Jacksonville University.

The entrance to the school

I was hoping the bookstore was open because I needed a gift for a future Dolphin.  I have not been back to the school in probably 12 years so there have been some changes, but it's still the beautiful campus that I remember.  I was fortunate to live on campus even though the school is only about 30 minutes from my house and it was 4 of the best years of my life.  My roommate was my Matron of honor and we still stay in contact and I met some great friends while at JU.

Well, the bookstore was closed but Trevor was still able to explore a little while we walked on campus.

 Here's he building where I felt that I lived most of my 4 years - the Davis Business building.  It has now been changed to a student center and they have a brand new business building on the other side of campus.

I really wanted to explore more, but I knew I would be short on time for the day because we had a graduation party to get to that evening.  Trevor was excellent the entire day as we stopped about 6 different places.  He didn't even take a nap until we were on our way to the party, so it was about a 15 minute nap.  I love days like this.

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