My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 27, 2012

MOSH visit

Several weeks ago, when I picked up Brody from school we headed to the Museum of Science and History "MOSH" in Jacksonville.  I had purchased a Groupon about 6 months ago for a year membership so I wanted to take advantage of the latest exhibit they had "Strange Matter" before it left.  The boys were pretty excited.

Off we went to each of the exhibits, not really stopping to read much of the stuff - such short attention spans.  Of course they had to point out the snake in the animal exhibit, which is NOT my favorite at all.  Brody loves to go to the Florida section and learn all about our state.  He always talks about the big fire that hit Jacksonville and of course gets concerned about another one hitting - he's my little worrier.

Playing in the "Strange Matter" exhibit.

My cute golfers.  Today was the day Jason and I usually take Brody to The Players for him to get autographs and pictures of the golfers, however, Jason was unable to get off but my boys still wore their golfing attire.

After our museum trip we headed over to Sweet Pete's for a little ice cream for lunch.  They thought it was great to be able to just eat ice cream for lunch - I would probably pay for that later, but oh well.

Of course a visit to Sweet Pete's isn't complete without a bag of candy that they enjoyed on the way home.

They loved our day out and are looking forward to our next trip to the museum.

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