My Family

My Family

Monday, May 28, 2012

Home grown is the best

Almost everyday Brody, Trevor and I go out and visit our garden.  It is so exciting when we go out there and see new vegetables.  The boys want to both pick the vegetables so it's gets quite interesting to make that decision.

All of our vegetables are growing pretty good except for the zucchini.  We have picked and enjoyed beans, squash and cucumbers.  The cucumbers are the boys favorite.  We have a fresh cucumber almost everyday for lunch - even Trevor loves them. 

My first time cooking fresh beans.  They weren't too bad.

And I have plenty more to practice with.

Since our garden has produced A LOT and we can't eat them that fast OR care to eat beans every night of the week, I brought out my FoodSaver and learned how to blanch vegetables to freeze them.  Well, I quickly realized my FoodSaver no longer worked so I was very thankful that mom and dad's worked.

The ice bath after the beans boiled for 3 minutes

 After 3 minutes in the ice bath and ready to be bagged and frozen.

We now have several bags of beans and squash in the freezer so we can enjoy our garden even longer.

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