My Family

My Family

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Preschool graduation aka Presentation

Thursday night was Brody's preschool presentation from SCA.  They don't have an actual graduation but all of the Pre-K classes put on a presentation of "The Way to Get Heaven" based on the Romans Road.  Boy am I going to miss this type of teaching in school come next year.

Each child in Brody's class was a letter of the alphabet and was to dress accordingly and Brody was A for alligator.  Mrs. Cicero who is a huge FSU fan actually suggested that Brody could wear FL Gator clothes.  I found a FL Gator shirt (not too hard) as well as an actual Gator hat.  Brody loved them both and was very excited about the presentation.  He had his part down as did Trevor.

Getting ready to say his part

Stepped forward saying "A A Alligator"

Nana came out to watch Brody in his presentation and help entertain Trevor.

 He finally saw us in the balcony and was all smiles.

My little Alligator

My crazy child Trevor

After the presentation we came back to the house and watched his video (yeah, the one that made me cry earlier in the day) and had at Brody's request brownies, ice cream, whip cream and chocolate sauce.

It was such a good day and later that evening I told Brody his surprise of where we would be going the next day - Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend.

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