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My Family

Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a LONG day

Monday morning we woke up bright and early to get to Hollywood Studios because we were on a mission.  You see in order for Brody to train as a Jedi and fight Darth Vadar you have to sign up and the slots are all gone by about 10AM.  So we arrived at the park at 8:30 for the opening at 9am.  This is the first time we have ever arrived at a park and stood in line for the gates to open - call us crazy!!

While we waited the boys were able to grab a chance to chat with Minnie.

Thankfully the boys did great and we were pretty much running when the gates opened - not really but walking very fast along with the other parents of boys.  Jason and Trevor went to grab our fast passes for Toy Story because that is the one ride that has the longest wait but is oh so fun and competitive.

Brody and I were able to get a 10:00 time slot for his jedi training and we headed over to Toy Story to actually stand in a 15 min line to ride it and then use our fast pass later - yeah twice in a day - what a great day!!

Another photo opp while going back and forth between Star Wars and Toy Story - but for some reason Trevor wanted nothing to do with these 2.

Time for Jedi Training.

For some reason, Brody wasn't so excited about fighting about oh well :)  He had a great time and for someone who didn't look to excited on stage was talking all kind of smack when he got off the stage.  Trevor was so cute watching him and when Brody finished fighting Darth, Trevor said "yeah, you did it".  Poor Darth Vadar because next year Trevor will be old enough to fight - that will be a sight to see!!

 Receiving his light saber to use against the dark side.

 Practicing his training

Here comes Darth Vadar

Time to use the training skills he learned.

The Jedi Training Academy

We rode Star Wars and this was Trevor's first time to ride and he was so excited and we rode it 3 times before we left.

Brody wanted to check out the Indiana Jones stunt show - he has never said anything about this before, so we thought we would try something new.  The boys seemed pretty interested in it until the fire came out and this is what happened.

A long time ago I sold PartyLite candles and went on several all expense paid trips.  On these trips, PartyLite had a couple of guys who were in charge of the entertainment - dancing, singing and all other choreography.  Well one of the guys I remember used to work at Hollywood Studios in the Indiana Jones show and I mentioned to Jason at the beginning that it would be funny if he still worked here.  Well, look who was the Set Director - Kevin.  Small world!! 

It was then time for lunch at Pizza Planet.  Another big ride for Brody this year was Aerosmith.  He was so excited to ride it and came out all pumped up and ready to ride again.  Thankfully we had the rider swap ticket and he and I were able to walk right up to ride again.

Finally we headed to Magic Kingdom around 3:00.

It was pretty crowded and most of the rides had about a 30-40 min wait - way too long for us.  Thankfully we found the Aladdin's Carpet ride that didn't have too long.

Of course no trip to Disney is complete without a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean and why oh why do they put that shop at the end - there is no way around it.  However, I am happy to say that we have never bought anything from there - but boy do they like to try on stuff and play with it.

My boys - all of them - love the teacups.  Not for me at all.  Jason would let the boys spin them as fast as they could and he would just sit back.  Then he would start spinning as fast as he could spin them and the boys just laughed and laughed and had a blast.  I think they rode this ride about 3 times .

The new Dumbo area was up and running.

Disney did this right because there are 2 Dumbos and an air conditioned play area for the kids while you wait.  You get a pager and they can play for as long as they want and then you get right back in line for about a 5 minute wait.

A little race car time.

It was getting about time for the Electrical Light Parade.  This is something I have always wanted to see - the last time I really saw it was when I was about 8.  Normally I don't like to go and sit and wait for a parade just to get a spot, but since Trevor was out, it worked out perfectly.

As Jason took Brody to ride a couple of rides while I saved our spot, the battery on my phone went dead - talk about a little panic.  I didn't really tell Jason where I would be so how in the world would he find me.  As I stood in our spot for the parade, a nice man let me borrow his phone to call Jason and tell him where we were.  It's amazing how much we depend on these phones.  Trevor slept through the entire parade - he really enjoyed it :)

We didn't mind too much that Trevor slept because our plan was to be there for another 3 hours - until 1AM - utilizing our Extra Magic Hours.  When you stay on Disney property you get to get into different parks early or stay late.   I loved these 3 hours because no one was in the park which meant no lines for anything.

We actually met up with Doug and Tyler for part of our extra 3 hours. Brody and Tyler are the same age so they loved walking around together.  We rode the Haunted Mansion.  We then headed over to the new FantasyLand area where they had a sneak peak of the area.  Our first stop was The Little Mermaid ride - which is my all time favorite Disney movie.  It's a cool little ride.

About 12:45 AM, we were riding Goofy's Barnstormer roller coaster at Trevor's request - no one was on the ride so after we finished the first ride, they said if you want to ride again stay on.  We said sure, but Trevor wasn't too happy about it as you can see from his face below, but he was ok once we got moving.

A 1AM picture of the castle

Still hanging on at 1AM

I guess since it was so late and the park was only open for Disney resort guests, they shut the monorail down and we had to ride the ferry boat to get to our vehicle.  Brody was passed out but Trevor's little catnap helped him be wide awake.

One lonely vehicle in the parking lot.

What a LONG day at the parks, but we had a lot of fun and actually there weren't any too bad breakdowns.  We were all ready for a good night sleep.

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