My Family

My Family

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fair Trip #2

So if one trip to the fair wasn't enough we thought we would go again - this time with friends.  I had asked the boys if they wanted to go again and they first said no because they didn't want to go by themselves but when I said Baylie and Ava would be there, they quickly changed their mind.

The first ride of the evening we met up with the Burns'.

Then the boys were off to ride.

We couldn't pass up the slide.

Trevor and Ava were great buddies and rode a lot of rides and of course had a blast.

Trevor's favorite is still the merry go round, but I fear that he is getting too big and may not like it too much longer.

We ran into my cousin Charleen who is pregnant and due in January and look we were twins.  Now, I am not wearing a maternity shirt.

Brody and Baylie thought they were big kids and were so excited to be able to ride by themself as well as ride the big kid rides.

Trevor and Chaly

On the slide again.

Time for the ferris wheel

Nothing like a funnel cake for dinner.

This was Ava's first time on the Tilt a Whirl and she was so excited in the beginning but it was her last time.

Stephanie and I walked around with Ava and Trevor and they wanted to ride the twirly buckets and the man running them said we could ride.  Well, neither one of us enjoy these type of rides but we went ahead and did it.  This is how Stephanie rode.

We stayed at the fair until around 10:00 - yeah and it was a school night but Brody said he wasn't tired - yeah right?  But hey, the fair only comes around once a year.

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