My Family

My Family

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Report Card

After being gone on vacation for a couple of days, Brody went back to school on Thursday, Oct 18 and he received his very first report card.  I guess I thought he knew what report cards and grades were but I quickly found out that he didn't.  So off I went trying to explain what these were. 

Of course as long as he does his best we are happy with his grades.  He received all E/S, which is very good.  He received 2 S's which were in Writing and Handwriting but hey he is a boy and his mama and  daddy have terrible handwriting.

To celebrate the very first report card we headed over to River City and we all got ice cream.  Brody was pretty excited - not really sure if he totally understood everything about report cards but I'm sure it won't take too long and he'll catch on.

I love that Brody still enjoys school.  Now don't get me wrong he has his days of not wanting to go because he says it is "boring".  These are mostly on Friday because they don't go to PE, Music, Library or Computer Lab. Hopefully he will continue to love school and keep up his good grades.

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