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My Family

Monday, November 5, 2012

Not so Scary Halloween Party

One of the reasons for us going to Disney at a different time this year was to try out the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  My boys love Halloween because they love dressing up in costumes and they LOVE candy.  They open the park at 4:00 for the party at 7:00 so we arrived a little after 4:00 and oh my boys were excited - not really sure what to expect.

Our first stop was to see Mickey and Minnie - I knew they weren't in their costumes yet but I wanted to make sure they saw them before we left.  No wait = time to take a picture.

We had a few hours to ride some rides before the trick or treating began.

7:00 came and the Mickey Pumpkin lights turned on so let the trick or treating begin.

They had about 12-15 trick or treat spots and 2 candy trails with several spots for candy along the way.  We started out at the first trail and Jason and I didn't open our bags for candy - we thought we would just let the boys get it.  We changed our mind by the next stop since we paid for a ticket as well.  This way I had my own candy to eat during the night, because we all know Trevor was going to eat his fare share.  

I love the Disney parties because there really aren't a lot of people there so we are still able to ride rides with no wait.  A new part of the New FantasyLand is Ariel's Grotto where you are able to get your picture with Ariel.  For some reason Trevor wasn't going to get in there.

All ready to watch the fireworks.  The boys actually did really good during this.  They usually aren't fans of fireworks because they are so loud, but they sat right there and enjoyed them.

We then settled in for the Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade.  While we waited of course it was time to eat some candy from their treat bags.

The parade was great and the boys were so excited to see all of the different characters.  There wasn't too much scary about it until the end some of the bad guys came out and a few tried to scare Brody but thankfully it didn't spook him.

Brody is always wanting to ride rides by himself so we let the two of them sit in front of us on the Winnie the Pooh ride.

All done with a night of trick or treating.

Happy Halloween from Mickey

Look at all of this loot!!

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