My Family

My Family

Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween Night

For the past several years, we have been driving out to Rhonda's for trick or treating.  She lives in a gated subdivision and so many people really get into Halloween out there by decorating their homes and sitting in the driveway to pass out candy.  The boys were so excited

Before we left I tried to get a few pictures.

Can't you tell he was so excited :)

This year I thought it would be cute to dress up as Izzy from the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  It was really easy to dress up - I only had to buy the purple jeans.  The boys thought I was cool!!

They couldn't wait to go up to their first house.

They were so cute walking up to the front door.  They knew the drill - look for houses with lights on, say trick or treat, hold out your bag and say THANK YOU!!!

We walked around the neighborhood for about an hour and had about 10 pounds of candy by the time we got back.

Look at this stash, loot or whatever you want to call it but YUMMY!!!

Since we hadn't eaten dinner yet, no candy yet.  You would think that would entice Trevor to eat - nope so no candy for him the entire time.  The thing is he didn't really care - he just wanted to count it all out and see everything he received.

The boys had such a good time and thankfully Brody only ate about 5 pieces that night and sad to say that Trevor didn't eat anything because he didn't eat dinner.

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