My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 15, 2012

FL/GA Game

As goes our annual tradition, the Cruce's and the Henderson's came over to enjoy the FL/GA game and what we hoped to be a win for the Gators.  The boys always look forward to this and have a blast playing with Ava and Baylie.

Baylie always acts like a mama when Trevor is around - this just shows it.

All dressed in their colors.

Ava recently drew a picture of her family and it included Brody, Trevor, me and Jason - no Stephanie or Adam.  When we went outside to take pictures she stood right in front for our "family" picture.  It was so cute.

Supporting our team.

Time for play time.

Trevor loves Mrs. Tracy.  He knows he can get her to give him whatever food he wants - it can be difficult for some to tell him no sometimes.

Thankfully we didn't have to make any additional food since we just had the Halloween party the night before so we just ate off of that - except we ran out of potato soup when John was ready to eat so a pizza to the rescue.

Unfortunately the game did not turn out as we had hoped and was actually a terrible game by all players, but as always we had fun spending it with friends.

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  1. Yes... I admit I have a weak spot for Trevor and can not tell him no... he would be one spoiled rotten kid at my house because he is just so cute.