My Family

My Family

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spooky Halloween Party

Friday, October 26 we held our 2nd annual Spooky Halloween Party at our house.  This party is so much to plan because my boys love Halloween so much.  Most of the kids came in their costume and were ready for a funfilled night with friends.

Even a few adults came in costume:

Our pastor and his wife  aka Doug and Janan

I'm really not sure why I even have games because I think the kids really just want to run around and play with each other.  Especially this year we added a trampoline so they really didn't want to play too many games.  However they did play a few

Pumpkin ping pong

 We tried a few things new this year - Create a Mummy.  We had 2 wonderful and willing volunteers and we split the guys and girls into 2 teams.

Mummy John created by the girls

Mummy Sean created by the boys

Doug was ready to make it a little difficult for the mummies to come undressed.

 Craft time - making spiders

Best buds - Trevor and Tucker our little Jake and Cubby

This year we decided to put on a scavenger hunt.  The clues were pictures hidden all over our yard and mom and dad's.  The kids were so excited and their one rule was to not run - whatever, that rule was broken really quickly.

Finding the last clue.

Putting Mr. Bones back together.

Getting ready for our "Spooky" hayride.

Our scary ghosts.

This year we tried to add something new to the hayride - fog.  However it didn't quite work so John decided to use it on the trampoline for the kids.

I think the kids had a blast and it was so much fun to hang out with everyone.  I'm pretty sure this has become an annual tradition.

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