My Family

My Family

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trunk or Treat

This is the second year our church has put on a Trunk or Treat so the boys were all excited to go up to it again.  This year's costume of choice - or the costume talked into by me was Jake and Cubby from The Neverland Pirates.  I really enjoy the boys dressing up as similar things you know like Batman and Robin, a tennis player and tennis ball (my all time favorite).  I assume one day I might not win - actually I didn't win 2 years ago - Buzz and a golfer (just because we had the golfer costume already).

Anyway, I tried to do as much as I could for the costume myself but since I wasn't a sewer I had to rely on Mrs. Chris from our church to sew their vests and Brody's boot covers.  She is so talented!

This year the first thing they saw was the huge bounce slide and it was really the only thing they wanted to do.

We did get them to go around to the trunks first to get some candy!!  Thankfully we got there at the beginning because there were a lot of people there.  There were lots of antique cars and several games for the kids to play.

As we made it around to the different trunks we ran into lots of the friends and buddies.

Brody and sweet Molly

Good buddies - Trevor and Tucker

Trevor and Leah, Molly's sister

One of his teachers in children's church, Mr. Rick

Brody's buddy - Tyler dressed up as Peter Pan

Mrs. Angie - Trevor's Sunday School teacher last year

Our 12th grade Bible Fellowship Group had a trunk.  We did a tailgate party complete with a grill and corn hole

 Sweet friends - Cave girl Baylie and Rapunzel Ava

Finally time for the bouncy house.  These boys and Ava had a blast.  We looked up at the top of the slide once and Trevor did a flip from the top and his good friend sweet Ava followed right behind him. Yeah, we couldn't believe Ava did that.

These kids had so much fun and must have slid for an hour.  Needless to say they went to sleep pretty easily that night.

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