My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Senior Costume Party

We had our Senior's costume party at our house this year and boy was it fun.  Being around 18 teenagers definitely helps us feel young - or maybe makes us realize how old we really are.  This year I felt really prepared with our costumes and had them all planned - yes we dress up too.  Well the Sunday morning of the party, we are sitting in our Bible Fellowship Group and Julie leans over and says she has a great idea for all of our costumes - Duck Dynasty.  Now if you have not seen this show on A&E you are missing out.  Stephanie & Adam got us watching it and I admit that at first I didn't want to watch that - a bunch of redneck duck call makers.  Didn't sound good to me.  Well, I was wrong because it is so funny so of course Jason dropped our original costume plans and we were off and running to try and come up with our new costumes - nothing like Julie to wait until a few hours before the party to come up with something!!

Thankfully it all came together and we were all ready for a funfilled night.  

Willie and Corie and Jase and his wife.

Some of the costumes

We had one rule for the night that you were to come in costume and if you didn't one would be handed to you in a bag.  The pirate girl was a costume in a bag - that is what happens when you don't come in costume

SuperSized Hero

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

Our batman's for the night

The entire gang

Another product of the costume in a bag.

Time for some fun - SuperSized trying out their Dancing skills

Cody and Trevor playing swords.

 Pictionary - Halloween style

More Just Dance

Devin and Jason went at dancing for about 1 1/2 hours - they were exhausted but had lots of fun.  We had some good laughs while watching.

This was such a fun party.  It was a blast to see what everyone showed up in as their costume.  This class has been such fun and we really enjoy being around them.

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