My Family

My Family

Monday, November 19, 2012

A little randomness

In between our normal routine, here's a few little extras going on around our house lately.

We are still season ticket holders to the Jaguars even though they STINK!!  Thank goodness our seats are next to Adam and Stephanie so Stephanie and I can chat when things get real boring.  The weather has been pretty warm for every game.  However, a couple of weeks ago had our first night game on a Thursday night and the weather was perfect.

I was asked to make a cake for a baby shower for Julie's (who we teach with) daughter.  

 In Brody's class they have behavior markers.  Everyday they start at green and if they are bad they move to yellow, orange and then red (parents called).  When they are good, they move up to blue, pink and purple.  Brody has been on yellow a few times so I told him when he moves up he will get a surprise.  Well, I had already picked out a few Star Wars books that I thought he would love.

One day Brody got in the car and was so excited and said something really good happened at school.  I couldn't wait - and neither could he.  He quickly opened his folder and showed me the date in his calendar was colored blue.  I was so excited.  He then wanted to know if he would get his surprise - he didn't forget :)  When I showed him the book - he wasn't that excited.  I felt terrible so I told him the next time we go to the store I would let him pick something out.  Here's the excited child

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