My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Busch Gardens

Saturday, March 27 we headed down to Busch Gardens with the Cruces' for a fun day.  We all rode together and left really early!! 

First stop was The Cheetah before it got too crowded.  We learned quickly that having Trevor around was a great thing for getting on rides.  Busch Gardens has an AWESOME rider swap program.  The people riding the ride get to go through the Quick Queue line (like a fast pass line but people pay money to have this) and someone stays back with the one who isn’t big enough to ride.  When the riders get off then the others get to go through the Quick Queue.  It is great because no one has to wait for the long waits for any of the rides and it is FREE!!  Disney has the rider swap but the first group riding has to wait in the Stand By line and the second group goes to the Fast Pass line – much longer process.

We always like to check out the animals, which seemed quite active that day.    

Check out this HUGE croc.

The elephants were being fed, which was quite cool.

The tiger exhibit is always impressive.  It was feeding time for them too.

Although Trevor wasn’t able to ride the BIG rides, he was able to ride his first upside down ride – Scorpion.  Jason wasn’t crazy on the idea of our baby riding this ride, but Trevor was so excited that I wasn’t going to let him not ride – no fear in this boy. 

He LOVED it and has become his favorite ride.

While others rode the crazy twirly ride, Trevor and I rode good ol faithful Merry Go Round. 

One of their favorite things to do is climb the rope area.

Inside the rope area is a zipline that Baylie and Brody rode with the dads.

There is also an up and down ride that Tracy was the trooper on and rode with the kids.

We stopped in to see the Madagascar show.  It was ok - a little cheesy.

A few other favorite rides.

All of the adults except Jason rode this one - the Sheikra - he is waiting until Brody is old enough.  

We left when the park was closing around 7pm and stopped at Tijuana Flats for a quick dinner.  There were 3 tired kids and slept most of the way home.

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