My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Easter 2014

To carry on one of our Easter traditions - dying eggs we decided to use KoolAid to help make them brighter.  Thankfully this year I was prepared to do this and we weren't rushing around the night before to do this.

Easter morning is always a crazy time as the Easter Bunny comes for a visit and we all have to get ready for church.  2 very happy boys with the new movie Frozen.  They were so excited especially since they know already know all of the music.

All kinds of cool things from the Easter Bunny - money, toothbrush, and new books.

I tried to be cute for Easter breakfast, but the boys weren't too excited about it.  Oh well, I thought they were good.

2 cute boys.  I wonder how long I will be able to pick out their clothes and tell them what to wear?

My sweet family

We had Jason's sister and family and my family over for Easter lunch and an egg hunt.

4 kiddos all excited about an egg hunt.  The ground was so wet from all of the recent rain, so we had to hide the eggs in a certain high ground area in my parent's yard.

I think this was one of the first Easter's that we were wearing pants and jackets for an egg hunt, but hey there was no sweating!!

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