My Family

My Family

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bring a Parent to PE Day

April 25 was Bring a Parent to PE Day or aka "Field Day".  I am so thankful for Jason's job that he has the flexibility to come to things like this and participate.  He was such a big help for Mrs. Ray.

First thing was that each grade boys and girls would have a 50m dash and a 1 lap race.  The kids were selected from races done during PE.  Brody was selected to run in the 1 lap race.  He was ready!!

Rounding the last corner to cross the finish line 2nd!!

He and his buddy Nash.

 All lining up for our class relays.  Each child participated in 2 relays.  Brody's was the baton relay and the sponge relay.

His buddy Brantley.

 The sponge relay.

Then it was the parents turn.  We did a couple of relays - ball over our head and the kangaroo hop relay.  We rocked those relays and won both of them.  Then it was time for the tug of war.  Yeah, we lost that one.  We tried hard and the kids had a blast watching us and cheering us on.

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