My Family

My Family

Friday, June 27, 2014

Children's Choir Presentation

Friday, May 16 Brody and Trevor participated in our church's annual Children's Choir presentation.  This is like a dinner theater where the children are our entertainment.

All ready to sing

A few pictures with their friends before the show.

These 2 are something else.  Nate and Trevor are in Sunday School together and were even in the same VPK class this past year.

Brody and Molly - she is one of the sweetest girls.

Nash (Nate's brother) and Carl

This is the K4 - 1st grade choir.  I love Trevor's face in this picture.  He is ready to sing.  There were a lot of hand motions to be done during the 2 songs they performed, however, Brody and Nash and sometimes even Carl weren't in the mood to do any hand motions.  Too cool for school!!

They then added in the 2nd - 5th grade choirs for 1 or 2 songs - still no hand motions from Nash and Brody.

Nana came out to hear these 2 sing.

After they sing, they receive medals for participating in choir this past year.  I wish I had been able to get my video camera in time for his reaction when his name was called to receive his medal.

Trevor and Leah (Molly's sister)

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