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My Family

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Trevor's Web

Back in August of last year, we started the transformation of Trevor’s room.  He had been in a toddler bed for awhile and it was time for a change. 

However, I was struggling to find a bed for him because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find wood that matched.  I decided to look for a twin bed frame on Craigslist and then paint it blue.  Thankfully I found a great deal on one and went to painting.

Trevor went with a Spiderman theme – possibly with a little help from me since I found a good deal on a red/blue quilt from PotteryBarn Kids.

He was pretty excited with his new twin bed and ready to sleep in it.

One reason it took so long to finish his room was because I had to wait for trips to NY to get some of the décor.  I had seen a few pictures a couple of years ago when I went to the city and Tara told me to go ahead and get them, but I didn’t listen because I wasn’t sure if Trevor’s room would be Spiderman – should have listened to her. 

A bookshelf was also needed so off to Craigslist I searched.   A little sanding and painting and it looks much better (sorry no before picture).

The finished product

I tried to utilize things we already had and just change them up – you know to save money!!

One of my favorites – his name.  I reused his name and mod podged Spiderman comics to it.

Of course a room isn’t complete without a huge Spiderman on the wall from fathead and an added bonus is the web across the room.  Trevor thinks it is the coolest.

Repainted the lamp shade

More pics from NYC.

Another view of the before and after.

 It only took over 7 months to finally complete the room, but I am very happy with how everything turned out and I think I have a very happy 4 year old.  Now if we can just work on him keeping it clean!!

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