My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Random March Happenings

March was a very busy month with a couple of busy months ahead.  Here are a few things going on lately to wind down our March.

The boys thought the pool was warm enough to jump into one day – I really don’t think it was but they had fun.

The boys were very eager to ride their toys to help me practice my photography skills.

One day I went to drop off Allye at the groomer and Joe, the owner said that older gentleman had dropped off a 3 1/2 year old Yorkie that he could no longer keep because it was his wife's who passed away the week before.  It was free to a good home.  He brought out the little thing and I fell in love even though I knew I couldn't have 2 dogs.  I told him I would call him later and let him know.  Well, my mom heard me talking about it and immediately said she would take the little girl.

Meet Leah

PJ Day at church – yes they are in long sleeve shirts and just 2 days prior they were jumping in the pool.  Our weather has been quite crazy lately.

March 30 was my last day in contacts because in 2 weeks I would be having PRK eye surgery. 

The boys had some fun in the mud one afternoon – oh the joys of being boys.

Jason and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on the 31st but since our schedule consists of baseball most of the weekends we were unable to celebrate it.  I am hoping we will be able to soon – I am really needing/wanting some time alone with my guy – NO KIDS!!  We seem to not go off that much without our kids – I wish we would make more time to do this.  Hopefully soon.

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