My Family

My Family

Friday, June 6, 2014

UNF field trip

On Friday, April 18 Brody had his field trip to the UNF nature trails.  Although the weather wasn't being very cooperative we still went ahead with the field trip.  This was my first time on the bus as a chaperone - in the past we have been able to drive separately.  What an experience with about 50 1st graders on a yellow bus.  We were sitting 3 to a seat.

When we arrived to UNF, it was lightly drizzling so we thought we could start on the trails, but as soon as we got off the bus it started raining harder so off to plan B.  I think there were 6 1st grade classes all in a room listening to the ranger, who was a young guy and had lots of energy and handled everything really well.

They decided to split up the group into stations around the building and the other group headed out to the trails.  Thank goodness it stopped raining for a little bit so we could enjoy the trails.

Time for lunch - crazy with all of us in this one room eating lunch.

Our turn at the stations to learn about bugs, leaves, etc.

Despite the weather, the kids had a great time on their field trip learning about nature.

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