My Family

My Family

Monday, June 23, 2014

We have a kindergartener

So after much thought and prayer we decided to go ahead and enroll Trevor for Kindergarten.  Since his birthday is August 3 we could choose to hold him back and let him start next year.  We felt that he knew the stuff to go ahead and start, however, his maturity might not be quite ready.  We weren't sure if that would ever get there :)  He just loves to have fun and play and talk - just like his Nini!!

We had been talking it up about signing up and he was getting excited.  April 28 was the day and he was ready.  Not a scared bone in this body - maybe because he has been to the school so many times.

Of course this caused for a celebration - McDonalds for lunch.

Now, I'm sure there will be a few tears shed come August 6 when he leaves me.  This is my little baby and he is growing up too fast.

Since his 5 year checkup won't be until after he starts school, we had to go get his 5 year old shots before he started school.  So, we skipped school one day and had a me and Trevor day.  We started at my eye doctor appointment and what a good little boy.

He was such a brave guy to get his 2 shots. The nurse came in and gave him the first one in his arm while he watched her and made a tiny tiny sound.  I put my arm around him for the second one and he watched that one as well.  There were NO tears - NOTHING!!  The nurse was very impressed that he didn't cry or anything.  That's my tough guy.

He was so excited to be able to head to Toys R Us and spend a gift card that he received for his birthday.

Oh the choices!!!!

Of course some yummy Sweet Frog to end our great day.  He actually told me at the end of the day that "this was the best day ever".  Even with shots :)


  1. did the doctor feel his tummy

  2. did the doctor feel his tummy