My Family

My Family

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The end of Baseball!!

I think we were all ready for baseball season to come to a close.  I really enjoyed it but it was time to move on.  Trevor enjoyed the season but was definitely ready for it to be over since he would start asking when the game would be over when we were in the first inning.  He hit the ball a few times off Jason's pitch and was really excited.  He even stopped the ball a couple of times and threw the ball to 1st base to get someone out (even though in this tball league it doesn't matter).  He was beyond excited and would keep asking "did you like when I threw that ball?"  

I think he enjoyed playing catcher the best - probably because he could kind of sit down since he didn't really catch the ball :)  

At the end of every game, all of the kids huddle and a game ball is given out.

Trevor received the game ball twice during the season and was SOOOO excited.  This kid plays for the trophy!!

 For the last game, the coaches had all of them huddled around for one last talk.

The coaches then came out and bombed them with silly string.

Trevor's second game ball was the last game of the season and he was all proud.

 This is how most of our games ended at the house - something cold and in this case Italian Ice.

As I look back at my pictures I realize I didn't have that many of Brody playing.  Feeling like a bad mom right now!!  I'll get better.

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