My Family

My Family

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Fresh Look

I have worn contacts for the past 23 years and up until 6 years ago have had no problems.  Since I had no problems, there wasn't a huge need for LASIK.  However, all of that changed about 6 years ago when my eyes became extremely red.  They didn't hurt at all.  I remember Jason and I were in an airport coming home from NYC and an opthamologist sitting across from us made the comment to me that I really should see a doctor when I got back home because he could tell my eyes were really dry.  

I still didn't think my eyes were that bad, but shortly after I was having problems wearing my contacts.  So of course I made an appointment with an ophthalmologist - Dr. Chokshi for an evaluation for LASIK.  Of course he told me we needed to get the dry eyes cleared up first.

Well after 6 years of getting the dry eyes cleared up, 3 eye surgeries to remove "scrape" nodules on my eyes, LOTS and LOTS of drops, gel, and heat packs, I was finally ready for corrective surgery.  On Thursday, April 10 I went into have PRK surgery.  I was ready but EXTREMELY nervous.  I had done so much research on this surgery to find out the difference between this and LASIK and still was very nervous.  Lots of prayer and I felt a peace that this was the right move.  I trusted Dr. Chokshi and he said this was the only way to correct my vision or I would have to wear glasses - no contacts.

All of the drops and pills to prepare for the surgery.

I remember getting up that morning of the surgery (just an outpatient in his office) and looking at Jason and the boys and thinking that this may be the last time I "see" them.  We prayed as a family and I was off with my mom to Chokshi's office.  I think my biggest fear was feeling something.  The past 3 eye surgeries I had an IV and was pretty much knocked out.  I would only have a valium(it was 10mg) for this one and just didn't think it would be enough.  However, I was so calm and alert.  I even had conversations with the Dr during the surgery.  There was definitely no pain during the surgery and after about 15 minutes I was back in the chair and seeing 20/20.

However, Dr. Chokshi told me that the vision would get worse.  I went home and slept for literally 2 days - thanks to Ambien.  They say that sleep is the best way to heal.  My worse pain day was on Saturday and I was praying so hard that this would get better because I had a wedding to coordinate on Sunday - thankfully Jason was going with me to help.

It was such an answer to prayer because I felt awesome on Sunday.  My vision wasn't great at all - no driving - but my eyes were open and I didn't feel bad.

At my 4 week checkup, my vision was 20/50 in both eyes.  I struggle to see the computer clearly and my night vision isn't that great.  However, I am able to drive everywhere but sometimes the road signs aren't too clear.  The vision is definitely improving and I still use lots of drops but I am very glad I went ahead with the surgery.

Even after almost 2 months after the surgery I still find myself reaching to take out contacts that aren't there or reaching to put on glasses in the morning.  It is so nice to be able to wake up in the morning and see the clock with no glasses!!

4 days after surgery

I am looking forward to a great summer with NO glasses or contacts!!

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