My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 22, 2014

April Randomness

Brody's school had a special guest at Run/Walk club - Adrian Peterson.  I received a text the night before from Mrs. Ray saying that he would be there to talk to the kids.  Well Mrs. Ray thought this was THE Adrian Peterson from the Vikings - you know #1 Running Back.  She wanted to make sure I was there with my camera.  Jason was skeptical that this was the same person, but Mrs. Ray said it was him.

Well, when I got there I got my picture with him and sent it to Jason and in the meantime I was reading a poster with information about him, and realized it was not the same Adrian.   Jason of course agreed that it wasn't him.  This Adrian used to play for Chicago Bears and graduated from Georgia Southern.  He was talking about overcoming a speech problem, but it didn't let it get him down.  Brody still thought it was cool to get him to sign his yearbook.

Brody completed his very first project/presentation.  He had to choose something about Oceans and he chose Orcas.  As we went over what he would do, I quickly realized that he didn't really know about a presentation and how to do one.  Thank goodness Jason gave him a mock run though of what a presentation would look like if Jason did it.  Brody took that and ran with it and practiced it a lot in front of us and even mom, dad and Popo.  He felt confident and did a GREAT job!!  He was pretty excited.

Our church had a Crazy Hair day one Sunday morning and although I thought Trevor would be the child who wanted to participate but he was not.  Check out Brody

Well, I thought I may have passed this stage, but I guess not.  Also, if I had to pick, I would have guessed Trevor would be the one to do it - cut his hair.

Thank goodness this is all that was cut, so not much damage control.  However, we had a little heart to heart to explain that Mrs. Leslie is the only one who cuts his hair.

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