My Family

My Family

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Small town homecoming

Friday, September 20 was our town's high school homecoming which meant parade time.  Now this is a big deal in our small town - kids come out to see, most kids get out of school early, and roads are closed.  The parade actually goes through the elementary school's parking lot so the kids can see it - but no candy is given out :(  So, of course I checked Brody and Bradyn out early and met up with Stephanie and Ava for lunch first and then to watch the parade.

All ready for the parade.  Unfortunately it was pretty hot that day - isn't Homecoming supposed to be later in the year?  Not sure why our school decided to have it in September.

They found a few friends and hung out in a little bit of shade.

Finally the parade was about to arrive - nothing like waiting for about 30 minutes in the heat.  I guess we should have stayed a little longer at Stephanie's Nana's house.  We had a great location - not a lot of kids around which meant lots of candy.

2 kids were over the heat, but 2 gave us thumbs up!!

Brody kept talking about all of his buddies who play football were going to be in the parade.  The homecoming parade mostly consists of the Pop Warner teams.

Lots and lots of candy!!

When the fire trucks came by, Trevor went to hide behind this sign.  He did NOT like the loud noise.

When the parade was over, we sent the 4 of them down the road to grab up the rest of the candy before the roads opened up.  Not many times can you take off running down the middle of the road.

We had a great time but just wish the weather had been a little cooler.  To finish off our homecoming celebration - we headed to the Homecoming game that night.  The boys were pretty excited to go and cheer on our Warriors!!

A football game isn't complete without a couple of rally rags!!

They are already talking about going back to cheer on our Warriors!  Thankfully they did very good except wanting something to eat even though we ate before we left the house!!

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