My Family

My Family

Friday, October 4, 2013

A new Senior Year

This past Sunday we had our first outing with our new group of Seniors - "Bring Em Back Alive".  With our events we encourage them to bring lots of guests.  They met at the church and went out and "kidnapped" their friends to bring them back to our party.  You never know what Julie (our teacher counterpart) has up her sleeve in regards to games.

This time she had Minute to Win It games.  So with a total of 20 kids and 9 of them were visitors it was a very fun and successful party!!  I love to see these seniors get all involved with competing against each other.  Check out these crazy students!!

A little practice before the actual games start - who can put a homemade puzzle together first.

Transferring sweet tarts with a straw from one cup to another

Tossing almonds using a dry lasagna noodle into a bowl on top of their head.

With a vaseline nose transferring cotton balls from a plate to bowl.

How fast can you pull tissues out with one hand

Stacking bottle caps

Stacking cups and plates.

Booty shake with marshmallows

Cheeto toss

We had such a great time with the students and I am looking forward to a great year with them.

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