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My Family

Sunday, October 27, 2013

All in a day's work

Saturday, October 12 we started it out with a 9:30 soccer game.  Trevor was excited to have Nana and Poppy there to watch him.  Unfortunately he didn't play too much that day because the other team only had 4 players so we had to sit a few of our players.  Thankfully he didn't care too much.

This is Trevor's buddy Blane.  He is the cutest little thing out on the field.

Nana and Poppy also came out to take Jason's stitches out.  Since Nana is a nurse and Poppy is going to school to be one then the ER nurse a couple of weeks ago said as long as the finger wasn't infected then they could take them out.  This was good practice for Poppy.

He did great on 4 of the 5 stitches.  He didn't realize the second one was attached to another stitch, so he pulled and I thought Jason was going down.  Nana just told Poppy "don't yank it".

When they left, Jason got started on the mudroom area to finish that up.  His goal was to finish the shelving unit on Saturday.

When we started talking about this, I showed Jason a few blogs I had seen with locker areas I liked.  He drew up the following based on the space we had.  I think he was actually pretty excited to build it. Afterwards he did admit that it was fun to put something like this together.

I was so excited that he was working on this and couldn't wait to start using it.  Trevor decided to help a little

Thankfully I finished all the painting that week because he was determined to finish it.  We put this part together outside and brought it in to assemble to the bottom bench.

Since we have our panel box in this area, Jason decided to not put a back on the lockers.  Didn't want a breaker to blow and then we would have to tear the whole thing out.

The finished product that Jason built all by himself.

At first I thought I wouldn't want baskets in the bottom for shoes, but I quickly changed my mind.  I needed something to hide the clutter.  Now to find baskets that fit.

Jason's cubby is the one on the far right.  He said he would take the last one since we couldn't put a hook on it due to the breaker box.

The cubbies at the top will be used for sunglasses and miscellaneous stuff that we are always looking for as we are trying to go out the door.

This was the first time I had ever used a drill, so I was quite proud of myself for installing all of the hooks in the lockers.  Jason put a 1x3 on the back of the lockers so we could install the hooks.

The boys were very excited to be able to hang their backpacks in their very own locker.  I am excited to have some organization in our lives.

I am so proud of the work that Jason put into this and the way it turned out.  I think I have few more things for him to build now.

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