My Family

My Family

Friday, October 4, 2013

A different kind of Saturday

Last Saturday the 24th the weather was beautiful and after our early morning soccer game (which is nice because the weather was cool) we had plans to head to Yulee to pick out some stone and rock for our walkway between our garage and house. We figured it would be quick so we decided to take Allye with us.

After his soccer game where he scored 2 goals so he was eating his well deserved snack!!

After walking around for a little while we picked out our stone and it was time to put them on a pallet so they could weigh them.  Now these stones were at least 50 pounds so as Jason was helping one of the workers he all of sudden he walks away with his hand in the air saying "I'm cut. I need help". With his hand clutched I could see the blood coming out.  Not really sure what he cut but I could tell he was in some pain.  The main guy takes him inside the trailer and I stay outside with the boys. After what seemed like forever but was probably only 3 minutes we venture inside because I was starting to get a little worried.  As I walk in I see Jason leaned over the little sink with his hand still clutched closed and blood pouring out. I hear them saying "yeah you are going to need some stitches".  I look at Jason and he is getting pretty white and then says he is about to either pass out or throw up so off we went to the bathroom.  He really just needed some cool air because it was pretty warm in the trailer but thankfully the bathroom was nice and cool.  He wanted somewhere to sit down but he wasn't about to sit on that bathroom floor - even thought I told him to.  They bandaged it up tightly and we headed to the urgent care across the street.  I was a little worried about how the boys would act through all of this but they were definitely on their best behavior.  

I felt so sorry for him as he sat and waited for them to call his name.  We must have waited about 20 or 30 minutes before he was called back.  I then had to take care of two hungry boys since it was lunch time (thankfully we brought snacks) and a dog who needed to go to the bathroom.  Jason was only back there about 5-10 min and comes out and says we have to go to the ER because the cut is too deep and urgent care isn't equipped for that.

Well, here we have 2 boys and a dog headed to the ER.  I tried to call my dad and mom to see if either one of them could meet us to take the boys and dog - I didn't really want the boys going in the ER - you never know what kind of stuff they could catch.  We weren't able to reach either of my parents but Stephanie and Adam insisted on driving over to pick up the boys and Allye.  They said they would just take them to the park so we didn't have to worry about them at the ER.  What awesome friends!!

Baptist Nassau was so fast because Jason walked right in and they were able to help him.  He sent me a picture of his finger while we waited in the truck.  My question to him was "where is the rest of it?"  I'll spare you the gory picture, but feel free to ask to see if you like those kind of things.  Once Stephanie and Adam arrived and took the boys I headed into check on Jason.  He was sitting in the bed with quite a bloody finger.  The nurse was in the process of giving him 5 stitches.  I made sure to keep rocking to make sure I didn't cause a commotion on the floor.

The story is that he was in the process of picking up one of the huge stones and was trying to get his hand out but the stone came down on the tip of the finger at an angle and tore the skin down and the pressure from it all busted the tip of it.  Yeah, lots of fun!!

When we were finished, we headed to the park to meet up with everyone.  Since Jason was feeling good now and there wasn't going to be any work done at the house now,  we hung out and let the kids play and then headed to eat downtown.  The great thing about downtown Fernandina is there are lots of little outside cafes where dogs are welcome.  This was Allye's first time at a restaurant and I wasn't sure how she was going to do - she did great.

We chose Timoti's a seafood shack that also has a pirate ship playground in the back area.  This was strategically chosen so the kids could play while we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner - success!!

Of course the kids didn't eat much so thankfully we didn't order much for them.  We were of course home in time to see the Florida game!!  What a Saturday, but one we surely won't forget.

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