My Family

My Family

Friday, September 27, 2013

National Pirate Day

Last Thursday was National Pirate Day and I heard about Krispy Kreme giving away free donuts if you talked or dressed up like a pirate.  Well, of course my boys were all over that especially since they both have pirate costumes, so it took no effort.  They talked about doing this for days prior - Trevor kept asking when is Thursday coming?

Of course my little pirate couldn't quite make it all the way there so he took a little nap.

When we arrived I was quite shocked that it wasn't packed but there were definitely some "pirates" coming to get their free donuts.

The promotion was if you said "Arrgh" then you would get one free donut.  If you dressed up like a pirate then you would receive a dozen free donuts - bring on 2 dozen donuts!!  They checked out the donuts going by on the belt - unfortunately the HOT sign wasn't on but that was ok.

Even though we had 2 dozen free donuts, the decorated pirate donuts were eye candy for these boys so we bought 2 of them.

Yummy til the last bite.

We did share some of the donuts even though I did eat my fair share of them!!  They tasted even better since they were free!

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