My Family

My Family

Friday, October 4, 2013


Doesn't it feel good when you FINALLY finish a project that has been looming over your head for like FOREVER!!  Ever since we painted our main room 10 months ago (so embarrassed to say that it has been that long) there has been a vacant wall.  We knew exactly what we wanted and I ordered the letters and even painted them.  However, a new garage kind of got in the way and then the letters were hidden / lost way down in the pile of stuff in the office.

The past couple of weeks I said that is enough - these letters have to be finished.

I am so excited with how they turned out - perfect for the space.

The letters were purchased from and then I painted them orange.  Black and white photos were mod podged onto the letters and then a little ribbon and some bling was added.  I absolutely love them!!

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