My Family

My Family

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New walkway

If you remember our memorable Saturday a couple of weeks ago when we spent some time in the ER and came away with 5 stitches well we had all of the walkway supplies delivered last week and we had a fun Saturday planned.

Some cool excitement

Time to play but of course they weren't allowed to touch the stone - no need for another visit to the ER

After our morning soccer game where Trevor's buddy Ava came to cheer him on and of course Mr. Adam and Mrs. Stephanie - (thought I had taken a picture but not sure what happened to it) we were ready to get started on our new walkway.

Here's the before picture - what a mess

I say we because I was right out there with Jason and my dad shoveling sand, carrying the BIG stones, and smoothing out the gravel.  I am so excited with how it all turned out.

The first step after cleaning out the area was to shovel in the limestone screenings.  Here's where all the DIY shows have come in handy.

After leveling off the screenings and making sure there was a good slope, we brought in the stone and placed them for a walkway and then added the pea gravel around the stone.




Remember our trip to the ER visit a couple of weeks ago, well here is a great reminder of that day - check out the bottom right area of the stone.  Yes, we have facing up so we can always remember that day!!

I LOVE the new walkway - it looks a whole lot better.  The boys especially love it.

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  1. Nice choice of stone! Flagstone is suitable for secondary paths. The more random they are, the more charming they look on the walkway base. I can sense there would be a lot of stone hopping moments there. ;)