My Family

My Family

Friday, October 11, 2013

My little writers

Ever since I cleaned up the office, Brody and even Trevor have really enjoyed sitting at the desk to write, do their homework, and whatever cards they plan to make.  One day I walked back there and saw this on the door.

One day they were hard at work making signs and putting them ALL over the house - just in case we didn't know where certain things were.

Our bed

Allye's food and water

Brody's room

Random cards around the house

A couple of weeks ago, Brody came out from the office with this in his hand.

He was so excited for me to read it.  It is an 8 page book all about Kindergarten.  Of course I had to send the picture to his Kindergarten teacher and we even took it to her one morning at school so she could read it.

Brody has always been a huge reader and his latest favorite books are all about snakes.  I asked his librarian if she could make sure to not get any more snake books but of course she just ordered some more :)  I think he has read about 8 snake books so far and if you are a follower of my blog then you remember my hate fear of snakes so it is hard for me to be interested in all of the facts he tells me about snakes.

He has informed me that he has been working on a new book so he comes out of "his" office last week with his latest creation.

I hope he always has a love for writing.

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