My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Family Fitness Night

Last Tuesday, Brody's school held a Family Fitness Night.  Brody was so excited and wanted us ALL to go even though Trevor was supposed to have soccer practice.  We didn't really know what we were getting into, but we were all together and the kids were super duper (Brody's new word) excited.

The cafeteria was set up with 6 areas of your body to focus on with about 3 or 4 different exercises for that area.  We started off with a warm up led by my former Boot Camp instructor - Eric

Showing of their dance moves

and then we were off to an area to work on for about 10 minutes.  There was flexibility, cardio, nutrition, upper body, lower body and abdominal area (which is where his teacher was working).

Trying to teach Trevor how to jump rope

Coordination - jumping from one side to the other

Time for push ups.

Getting ready for some ab exercises

Lower body workout

If you have ever tried this - it burns!!

After about an hour we were all finished and ready to head out, but not before the boys ran another couple of laps around the cafeteria.

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