My Family

My Family

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tent sleeping

Last Thursday night I decided to let the boys sleep in the playroom in a tent since they didn't have school the next day.  They recently went to a campout at Baylie's house but they weren't able to stay the night so I thought this might be fun for them.  They were so excited when I brought out the tent.

Now their tent is definitely nothing fancy and we had to improvise since we couldn't stake it in the ground. They didn't care.

Around 10:30 Jason checked on them as they watched tv and told them they could turn the other way and still be able to see the tv.  Well that was all Trevor needed because he was out shortly after that. Brody on the other hand was a different story. We eventually had to turn the tv off around 11:15 because he was still awake.  I'm all for staying up late but we had a day of fun planned the next day and I didn't want 2 grumpy boys to mess up our fun. 

They slept all through the night and of course was up up around 7am the next day - so much for sleeping in on our day off. 

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