My Family

My Family

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Bring on the pumpkins.  This year we decided to not actually carve a pumpkin 1) because it's gross 2) we didn't have time 3) Jason ends up doing it because the boys lose interest.  At the pumpkin patch I let them pick out a couple of little pumpkins to color and then one bigger pumpkin to "decorate".

Hard at work with their little pumpkins

This face just makes me laugh.  At times he gets very particular about his drawings and want them just right and gets quite angry if they aren't that way.  This was that moment.

Back to drawing.  The regular markers weren't showing up so well, so we resulted in the sharpies.  I was a nervous wreck since they are permanent.

Brody was all into making his pumpkin.  Loved the concentration.

Time for our family pumpkin.  They found these new stick in and loved them - I did too - much easier.  Yoda it was

Our completed front yard minus the couple of buttons missing from our S pumpkin.  Sad to say that I was a little too lazy to find them before these pictures.  Just keeping it real.

Master Yoda

Brody's pumpkin

Trevor's pumpkin.  I think he was a little tired and didn't want to finish.

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