My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My second job

I don't know anyone who loves to paint - and guess what I don't either.  In the past, my dad is the one who paints.  However, since repainting the main part of the house about a year ago - I guess I have become the painter in the house now.

My first project was to take our old cabinets in our old laundry room and paint them to be used in our new garage.  These are just the in stock cabinets from Home Depot.  I originally bought one of those cabinet restoration kits from Rustoleum, but then realized I could just sand the cabinet and use paint I already had - no cost!!

I have 2 of the 3 cabinets done and then it will be time to hang them.  I am very happy with how they turned out and it wasn't very hard at all.  Jason thinks we should paint our kitchen cabinets next - I think I'll take a rest for awhile.

The next project I worked on was this past week was 2 days painting the boards for the locker/mudroom area in the new room.  I was so excited to get this project started BUT I was not happy about painting everything.

The stack of wood to be painted.

I painted the bottom box part Tuesday - but thankfully that didn't take too long.  

Of course the weather didn't cooperate that day so my drying stayed inside the garage.

The finished box for the bottom of the locker system.

After dropping the boys off at school Thursday morning I jumped right in with painting ALL 7 boards - priming both sides and painting 2 coats of white on both sides.  Thank goodness it was a BEAUTIFUL day and God was able to be my drying studio.

The boards dried pretty fast but after carrying the boards 42 times (6 for each board) back and forth to the garage to the painting station - I was about over painting.

 After all that painting I was almost ready to go back to a desk job instead of all this manual work.

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