My Family

My Family

Monday, October 21, 2013

No school = Day of fun

Brody was out of school last Friday so I decided to let Trevor miss as well and we would have a day of fun - no working around the house for me!!  It is definitely difficult for me to put all the house work aside when we are at home - I feel like I always have something that needs to be done.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

I gave Brody the choice and after scratching going to Disney World he decided on Adventure Lading to play golf.  This worked out great since we had free passes.  Off we went to have fun. 

The weather was beautiful and the boys loved playing golf.  Brody is definitely my golfer and let's just say Trevor has fun.

All excited with making it in 3.  We usually stopped counting at 5 for him.

Trying to decide our next fun thing - batting cages, a ride or games.

Thankfully games won out.  There was NO ONE here which made it nice.

Showing off their treasures.  We have this deal that we always split the tickets they win, so I don't have to keep them separate.  Thankfully they are good with that.

Since we were so close to the beach and the weather was beautiful we decided to find somewhere to eat close or on the beach.  I didn't really have an idea so I just drove until we found something.  We ended up at M Shack - a burger and shake place.  I was a little worried about taking the kids off since they didn't sleep much the night before, but Jason just said to give them a milkshake and all would be good.  So that's what I did, chocolate milkshakes to go with their grilled cheese.

I ordered their blackened fish sandwich and it was so yummy!!  I had a pecan pie milkshake coming at the end of my meal and oh my goodness it was so good.  They buy fresh pecan pie from a local bakery every morning and use it for their milkshakes.  As I write this I'm really wanting another one.

When we finished we took a short walk down to see the beach.  They wanted to know why I didn't bring their bathing suits.  I guess I should always be prepared.

We headed home but I had one more stop for them - a pumpkin patch.  Stephanie had told me about one close to the beach so we thought we would give it a try since it was so close.  Ava and Stephanie already had plans that day or they would have been with us as well.

I hated that we couldn't go as a family, but Jason has been working a lot of late hours in October so he knew he wouldn't be able to make it.  This pumpkin patch had a lot of great photo spots and the boys know we have to take good pictures before we do anything else.

They had a blast going to the different things to take pictures.

I felt a little like the paparazzi with these 2 because they wouldn't look at me for anything - well mostly Trevor.

Even pumped a little water

The hay had a maze through it and of course boys will be boys and they wanted to crawl through it.

 My Cat in the Hat and Yoda!

They were so excited to visit the pumpkin patch that day.  I guess I was too since I didn't even take pictures of them with their pumpkins.  They both passed out on the way home which always means a successful day and Trevor even slept another 2 hours when we got home.

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