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My Family

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trevor's first day of school

It is hard to believe I am blogging about my little Trevor starting school.  Now it is only VPK, but hey he's leaving me everyday now.  Even though I would now have 4 hours in the morning by myself, I was still pretty sad.

He was so excited to start school which helped make things easier for me.  Every time we would drive by SCA, he would always say "that's my school".  I wasn't looking forward to the morning routine though of trying to get both boys fed, dressed and out the door.  I knew we had Brody's routine down, but wasn't sure how Trevor's routine would be.  Since Trevor isn't much of a breakfast eater (or any eater for that matter), I started with just getting him all dressed and ready to walk out the door and if he wanted to eat then he had the rest of the time to do so before we left.  It worked great so pretty sure we will stick with that routine.

My crazy 4 year old who is all grown up and ready for school.

Brody was such a good big brother that morning - taking care of him and making sure he did everything like he was supposed to - just like a big brother.

Jason decided to go into work a little late that morning so we could both take him into school.  That backpack is so big on him, but he loves it.  He thought he was such a big boy.

He couldn't wait to give Ms. Cicero her Survival Kit full of goodies.

Right after that, he quickly took his backpack off and put it on the floor so he could go play.  Well, that's not what happens in Ms. Cicero's room so she took him over to show him where his backpack goes.  She went through all of the names so he could find his name.

We love Ms. Cicero.  She is so go great with the kids and they love her so much.  She also prepares them so well for Kindergarten academically AND behavior wise.  Just the little things that they need to raise their hands to speak.  Not sure how Trevor will do with all of this structure.

Brody still loves to see Ms. Cicero his VPK teacher.

He had such a great first day of school and was so excited with the stickers he received.  It was the cutest thing.  This makes my life as a stay at home mom worth so much when I get the privilege of picking my 2 boys up from school everyday instead of them going to daycare.

To celebrate his first day we went where he wanted to eat - McDonald's.  We had a great lunch and I loved hearing all about his day.  We stayed around Callahan until time to pick up Brody at 2.

Here's off to a great year!!

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