My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 31, 2013

A BIG decision

One of the most important decisions you make in life is to follow Jesus and put all your trust in Him and ask Him to live in your heart.  And as a parent you are daily in prayer for your children to make this decision and fully understand the decision they make.  For the past year or so, Brody has been asking questions about asking Jesus in his heart.  Jason would ask questions back to help him get his mind working and thinking.  We just wanted to make sure he completely understood the decision he was making and it wasn't something he did just because it was the thing to do.  However, I know sometimes we as adults make the decision more difficult than it really is, but we just want to make sure our little ones really understand.

On Sunday evening, August 11 after our crazy church fellowship, we put the kids in bed and about 5 minutes later out walks Brody.  Usually when he comes out he has something crazy to say just to stay up.  However this night he says "I just asked Jesus in my heart" and Jason and I look at each other with a look of "what did he just say? and what do we do now?".  Here it was late on a school night, but Jason called him over anyway to talk through what he had just done.  Jason asked him lots of questions to make sure he understood the decision he was making.  He had the right answer for everything so we felt he was ready.

It was one of the sweetest sights to see and hear Jason lead Brody through the sinner's prayer.  I was so proud.

He was so excited after saying the prayer.  His excitement made me realize how if we have been Christians for a long time we sometimes may lose that excitement of a new Christian.  I was quite convicted.  His first call was to Nini and Papa and of course they were so excited for him.

Now, Brody isn't the most outgoing of children so we really thought him having to go down in "big" church to tell the preacher the decision he had made was going to be an issue.  However, he was so excited to go down and couldn't wait until the next Sunday and he even thought he could tell him at Wednesday night church.

We as parents are so proud of him and this wonderful decision he has made.  My prayer now is that he will always stay this excited about being a Christian and he will have courage to tell his friends and family about his decision.

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