My Family

My Family

Monday, September 23, 2013

The latest - via cell pics

Of course I don't always carry my big camera but thankful for a camera phone (which I always have with me).  Here's a little of what is going on in our lives lately via cell phone pics.

Everyday I pick up Brody's friend Bradyn from school and take him to his after care so we always have  3 boys.  This particular day Tyler was going home with us so we had a car full of BOYS!!

Some days we head to Dreamette for a special after school treat.

Trevor is so tired a lot of the days so he occasionally asks when we are in the pick up line "Mom, can I just close my eyes for a little while."
He loves to watch "daddy's" ipad while we eat lunch.

With Trevor's room remodel in place, we had to go buy a mattress since the crib mattress wasn't going to cut it.  He was so excited for his new bed.  He went up and told Mr. Matt (the owner of our local Badcock), that he wanted a new twin bed.

Miss Crista was there so she and Trevor had some deep conversations while I made the purchase.

 Last Tuesday was Celebration Freedom Day at Brody's school so I made a little treat for his class - chocolate covered oreos.  Tuesday happens to be the day I volunteer in Brody's class so it worked out perfectly.

They were pretty excited to eat their treats.  The Principal and Assistant Principal happened to be in the lunchroom when the treats were getting passed out and wanted a picture for their Facebook page.  Let me say these kids are a trip while I sit with them at lunch.  They talk non stop and all Brody wants to do is eat his Subway sandwich.

One evening last week we had dinner at my mom's.  Trevor actually ate every bit of his dinner and the last lick of his chocolate cake.

 The joy of boys.  We are trying to enjoy every minute of what we have left of daylight savings so playing / riding bikes is what was on the agenda that evening.

Last week was free breakfast week in the cafeteria.  Brody never goes in there in the morning, but he wanted to try it out one morning.  Nothing like a warm chocolate muffin to get him going for his day - this was his 2nd breakfast.

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