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My Family

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brody is Baptized

Ever since Brody asked Jesus in his heart he has been so excited to be able to be baptized.  Now Jason and I thought he would be scared/nervous to do this, but we were definitely wrong.  He was so looking forward to it.

Bro. Todd was the one baptizing on Sunday, September 1, which worked out great since Brody is VERY comfortable with him.

As we waited for the service to start Bro. Todd went over a few things with him of what was going to happen as well as made sure he understood that baptism isn't what saves you but it is just an act of obedience and a way to tell everyone that you are now a Christian.  Of course he wanted to touch the water to see if it was warm - thank goodness it is.

With Bro. Todd you never know what will happen or what will be said.  When Brody came into the water, he told Brody to look out in the audience and wave to his daddy on the front row.  Brody answered Bro. Todd very loudly when he asked him if he had asked Jesus in his heart.

Brody looking out and waving to Jason on the front row of the church.

Answering Bro. Todd's question "Did you ask Jesus in your heart?"

Brody was so excited after being baptized.  He said he was just a little nervous but not too bad.  Ava and Stephanie came to see Brody get baptized, which was very sweet of them to miss their church to come out.

Nana also came out to see Brody.

It was such a great day and we ended it with a little celebration that night with Adam, Stephanie and Ava to eat dinner and play mini golf.  The dinner went great - first time for the kids to be by themselves at a table.  I'm really not even sure what comment I can make to this picture.  They were really very good at the table by themselves.  The waitress even made a comment on how good they were.

However, we weren't able to play mini golf because a huge storm came and it poured.  Thankfully the kids were okay with just going back to the house and playing.

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